St Mary's Church, Beverley

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The Ceiling of Kings

Originally 15th century, the splendid chancel ceiling – depicting a sequence of the kings of England – features twice on the history pages of this website: as one of the Top Ten things to see in St Mary’s; and as a landmark on our timeline. Follow the links below to these pages.


A unique tribute to England’s kings

Click on the image to see the ceiling’s entry in our ‘Top Ten’ things to see in St Mary’s.

1445: Royalty arrives in St Mary’s

St Mary’s ‘Ceiling of Kings’ is completed

Click on the image to see the ceiling’s place on St Mary’s timeline.

Monarch of the month!

Blogs about specific kings featured on the ceiling

Instagram posts by our Heritage Learning Officer, Dr Jennie England, providing interpretations of individual panels on the ceiling.

Click on the image to read blogs profiling individual kings on the ceiling.

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