St Mary's Church, Beverley

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Restoration Appeal

St Mary’s is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful churches in England

One of the great masterpieces of Gothic art  Dr. John Bilson

Unequalled in England and almost without rival on the continent of Europe   Sir Tatton Sykes

The perfection of its proportions, the noble simplicity of its stone mouldings, its lightness and many changing vistas (makes it one of the finest churches in England)   Sir John Betjeman

But the stonework of this beautiful 900-year-old church is crumbling.

St Mary’s Church needs £5m of restoration work.

St Mary’s is a special gift left by previous generations – help us raise the money needed to make sure that this gift is handed on to the next generation so that they too can enjoy it as a place of awe and wonder and peace.

To request information about making a donation or giving a regular gift please complete the following form:

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