St Mary's Church, Beverley

making disciples

Choir and 9.45 Music

Rehearsals take place on a Friday evening.  New members are always welcome.

A list of forthcoming music:

Date and theme


Opening Hymn




Final Hymn

January 10 Called by name


Come down o love divine (MP 89) Meekness and majesty (MP 465) O thou who camest from above (hereford) (MP 525)  Breathe on me, breath of God – Wilby On Jordans bank (MP 538)
January 17

Wedding at Cana  

Isaiah 62.1-5; John 2.1-11

Jesus is Lord

(MP 367)

How shall I sing that majesty (words on file) Take my life (MP 624)  O taste and see – Vaughan Williams

We have a gospel

(MP 728)

January 24 Come as you are

Nehemiah 8.1-3, 5-6,8-10; Luke 4.14-21

The Kingdom of God (MP 651) I, the Lord of sea and sky (Here I am, Lord) Lord of the Church (MP 442)  O sing joyfully – Batten Jesus shall reign (MP 379)      
January 31 O Jesus I have promised (MP 501) Light of the world (MP 1086) Immortal invisible (MP 327)  When to the temple Mary went – Eccard Love divine (449)
February 7 Transfiguration


(H)allelujah sing to Jesus (MP 207) Please remove ‘h’ Be still for (MP 50) Lord the light (MP 445)   To God be the glory (MP 708)